Sivananda- Traditional Hatha Yoga:

$15 drop-in. Less with class pass.

Sivananda yoga is a style of traditional hatha yoga developed by a great sage from India in order to help people gain peace of mind and contentment. It is a balance of breathing (pranayama), postures (asana), and relaxation (savasana). This class can be seen as a moving meditation where students move slowly from posture to posture while focusing their attention and energy inward. In our daily lives, our senses are constantly being overloaded, therefore, allowing yourself some time to quiet the mind will have great benefits. Students will leave class feeling relaxed, reenergized, and renewed.

Special Needs Yoga:

$5 drop-in. $35 unlimited monthly pass.

Ages 14 and up.
This is a yoga class for all people with developmental disabilities. We focus on gentle stretching and strength building through postures (asanas), breathing, and relaxation. This is a fun class where participants can come and enjoy a group yoga practice that is individually adapted to meet each student's needs. All levels are welcome.